EarPods Colors

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Premium sound quality: Thanks to top-spec audio technology, you will enjoy exceptional voice and sound quality. With EarPods Colors, you can switch between your music and a phone call instantly and without skipping a beat.

Universal compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc. EarPods Colors can be used on all smartphones.

Wireless technology: With their Bluetooth capability, EarPods Colors mean you are free to move around so you’re no longer stuck to one spot.

Multi-functionality: Stay connected! These innovative earphones are not only ideal for listening to music, but also for taking (both incoming and outgoing) calls.

Wear-ability and comfort: Their ergonomic design gives these Bluetooth earphones exceptional wear-ability. They fit perfectly into the ear for maximum comfort and once in, they stay put. You can even enjoy an intense sports session, like running, climbing, camping or even horse-riding without the slightest worry.

Shareable sound: EarPods Colors owners can use them in twin-mode; allowing you to share your music with friends.

Long-lasting battery: These unique earphones have a long-lasting battery-life, which gives more than three hours of use on a single charge. Recharge time is only an hour and a half.

Excellent quality to price ratio +++: As well as offering top-quality sound performance, EarPods Colors are at a unbeatable price.

Every set of EarPods Colors comes with its own charging box to keep them together.


Have you had enough of headphones that pump out bad quality sound? Cables that get tangled or earphones that fall out easily? Presenting EarPods Colors, “top quality” wireless earbuds built with innovate technology.

The 1st wireless earphones built to such a superior quality

Jogging, public transport, just getting around town…even these every-day activities can be too much for most earphones. At the slightest movement, they fall out, or lose their connection so you can’t hear a thing. It’s time to forget about these sub-par earphones that get thrown away after only a few uses. Choose quality, choose EarPods Colors.

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